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Penny Strait earned a Bachelors and Master of Science in Marketing with a Minor in Information Systems. She enjoyed a fulfilling career in database marketing and communications with at Equifax Database Marketing Solutions and Quality Education Data.   She went on to obtain a Masters of Education (M.Ed.).

During her years obtaining a second master’s degree with honors, she used a public school virtual academy to educate three children through third grade and engaged in many volunteer activities.

Penny has proven successful in both business and education. She is passionate about family, faith, marketing, communications, technology, differentiation, research based teaching strategies, student centered instruction, and lifelong learning!

In her current role as a classroom teacher and leadership team member, Penny is most excited about providing students engaging, technology enhanced, rigorous, and holistic instruction that helps students develop into well-rounded citizens and prepared to flourish in life both within and beyond the classroom walls.

Penny Strait

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